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Collection of historical and culturally significant items.


Official Canadian Guitar Players Museum
Official Canadian Guitar Players Virtual Museum

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CGPA Standard in Guitar Playability.



The project has been initialized, and a committee of academics, musicians and like minded people is in place to help guide the project. Since there is presently no such Standard in Canada to gauge guitarists playing ability, the CGPA is undertaking the task of doing so. Once our Standard is in place, it will be used as a basis for guitar teacher certification. As well, it can be used to issue a professional designation in guitar playing (e.g. the letters "P.Gr." after your name which stand for Professional Guitarist).  Members are kept abreast with developments, and are encouraged to give input in the category marked "Standard" in the Members discussion board.

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Efforts to assist troubled Northern Native Communities




The Canadian Guitar Players Association has a special place in its heart for young people living in Northern Canadian communities that are dealing with difficult situations. Mike Stevens' story of his travels in the north with the sole effort of bringing the magic of music to these communities is one which touches us all deeply. Please read on ...
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Tips, Tricks & Lessons

Learning; education


A fellow member, 'Schmange' has written a number of articles outlining some great guitar techniques, many of which focus on two hand tapping.  We know you'll enjoy these lessons and we collectively thank Schmange for this huge contribution!

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Billboard Flier

Become Involved - volunteers needed!

You Can Help

Go here to help us build a great organization. Its fun, its easy, and you could receive a free genuine Canadian Guitar Players T-Shirt!

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Annual Trade Show and Concert

In the planning... annual Trade Show & Concert combined - held over 3 days! Meet industry heavies - manufacturers, producers, schools, promoters, luthiers - everybody involved in the world of guitar. Then, 2 great concerts - Friday night battle of the bands. Saturday night, some of the famous & finest guitar players in the land. Will truly be an event not to be missed. -on hold


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Harmony Central

What players say about any guitar you can think of.


Thinking of buying a new guitar?

Before you do, check out what others have to say about the guitar you're buying ...

This exhaustive resource allows you to see what others have to say about your favorite guitar. They are rated on sound, playability, endurance, price and a host of other factors. You may also post your own comments. Follow this URL for direct links to Harmony Central's information base:

Exhaustive list of Guitar Makers

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Free Software

Computer Stuff



Software Library

For guitar players

Lots and lots of guitar specific software, mostly shareware and freeware available for downloading.

Software Library

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Links Links Links


Industry related links

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Music Industry




Current music industry information, a vivid picture with an interesting perspective

- by Dave Nevue



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