The Canadian Guitar Players Association in collaboration with ArtsCan Circle

Mike Stevens distributes harmonicas

The ArtsCan Circle came into existence as a volunteer, independent support group for the purpose of
building a cultural bridge while helping native youth in northern communities at risk.

The Canadian Guitar Players Association

Accepts instrument donations

 to distribute to these communities in Canada's North. If you have a playable instrument of any sort that you would like to donate, please email us at so we can make arrangements.



Press release

Dear Friends,

The ArtsCan Circle is a new group dedicated to linking creative artists with Native youth at risk in isolated communities. Many of you know about the work of Mike Stevens, a bluegrass harmonica player who has been traveling to communities in
Labrador to share his music with kids. Our group is forming to help support Mike's work and hopefully to build on it in a positive way.

Our aim is to provide travel expenses for small groups of musicians who will accompany Mike to work with
kids in communities such as Sheshatshui and Davis Inlet. We hope through music and other creative arts to provide an outlet and a focus in communities suffering severe problems related to poverty, lack of work, family dysfunction, and the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome as well as solvent abuse. This is by no means a complete solution for the deep problems that affect these areas, but it is an attempt to bring creative resources to troubled young people on an ongoing basis.

For more information about us, you can visit our website at

For more information about Mike, you can visit his official website at

Our first task is raising money. Please consider making a cash donation to our work if you can't make it to our concert.
Travel to remote communities is extremely expensive, and we hope to be able
to continue sending Mike and other creative artists on an ongoing basis.

At the moment, we cannot give charitable receipts for contributions. All the people involved in this
project-- the musicians, the organizers of the concert, the publicist, and
the volunteers-- are donating their time and energy to make this happen.
Your contribution will make a difference. We welcome contributions as small
as $5 and as large as you can imagine - every little bit helps.



Artscan Circle




Instrument Donations

The Canadian Guitar Players Association assists in the collection of unused guitars. Member luthiers assist in repairing the instruments. Please let us know if you have an old guitar (or other instrument) and wish to donate it to help bring the gift of music to someone special. Please email or phone 519-592-5756 so we can make the arrangements.