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Issue #2 January 2002

Tablature Resources

Welcome to a series of articles guiding you through the wealth of guitar related information on the internet. Here, I will try to recommend what's good, tell you what's bad and hopefully save you some time while looking for the information you want.

In this issue, we are going to take a look at the HUGE availability of guitar tabs on the 'net'. First off...what is tablature?

TABLATURE: A six-line staff that graphically represents the guitar fingerboard, with the top line indicating the highest sounding string (high E). By placing a number on the appropriate line, the string and fret of any note can be indicated. The number 0 represents an open string. The 0's mean that string is played "open" (no finger) and the other numbers indicate which fret you place your finger on. Further explanation can be found HERE.

The extent of the tabs out there is really hard to get a grip on. A simple search for 'Guitar Tabs' on the Lycos Network yielded 126,156 individual websites with guitar tabs! New tabs are posted literally every day, however, always keep in mind that most tabs are written by amateur musicians much like myself. So keep in mind, mistakes within the tab are innevitable and the tab should serve as a guide for you instead of a note-for-note transcription. With that said, let's get started!


As you have no doubt noticed, we have placed a search link to OLGA (The On Line Guitar Archive) on many of our pages. This site comes with my highest recommendation for several reasons. First, it's been around the longest and has withstood a barrage of legal hassles and still remains the largest resource on the net. And of course in a close second is the respect they impart to players of ALL styles and abilities. Any self respecting guitar player should have this site bookmarked. Never before and most likely never again...I give it 10 out of 10! -

The next logical stop in my quest for tabs was *Sigh*, while making the all too obvious pleas to buy something from an affilliate program, they actually do have a search engine for tabs present, however it's by artist alone. There's not much to say about this site other than, go somewhere else. I give it 3 out of ten and only because it loaded without making me wait. -

Ok....I'm trying not to be TOO anal here, but I logged into this site with my old trusty Netscape 4.72 and, well...I still can't figure out what I saw. They have a Login field but give NO reason why one would want to register. I found the site to be slow loading and yes kids, I do have a high speed connection. The concept appears to be good, but the fact that they will only support one style of browser, ticks me off. If there was something really specific that I was looking for and could not find it on OLGA, I MAY be convinced to fire up the IE, but until then...I pass. I give it 4 out of 10 for obvious potential, but I feel descriminated against based on Browser.

Guitar Notes -

Now here's a website that can bring a tear to my beer! Fast loading and tanked up to the fill line, this place has what you're looking for. So what do I do? I look up Blue Sky by Dicky Betts of course! And whaddya know...6, count'em, six download locations. Need I say more? Fast, easy to read, easy to find stuff, and multiple download locations...would you like fries with that?? I give it 9 out of 10. -

*Blink* Oh man, I missed it! Check this out...a search on this site for Bon Jovi.... Results = "Fetched 52 documents in 0.190 seconds". Can you spell S-W-E-E-T?! Now, everybody knows that I love OLGA, but you can use this site as a front end to OLGA if you want, while at the same time searching the local database. Could it possibly happen? Another 10 out of 10? I'm gonna faint....

With the ocean of tab sites out there, you really have to find one you like and stick with it, otherwise you will be spending more time looking around than learning that new riff. My advise is to get one that you feel comfortable with and that has a wide range of offerings. If you are looking for something really obscure, then venture out into cyberspace. If you are a real Tab collector or you would like to request a tab that you can't find anywhere else, you can haunt the group on Usenet.

In the next issue, we will be sniffing out some Indie resources. See you there!

Driving the gear van down the Information SuperHighway, I'm Dave Alexander.


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