If you have a hectic schedule, visiting a professional dermatologist may be placed in the last priorities in terms of your medical appointments every year. A dermatologist can’t only diagnose skin cancer, but these skin experts can also help you detect skin issues that you may believe are harmless before. Keep on reading this article to know some of the signs that you need to visit a professional Vail dermatology clinic as soon as possible: 

You notice a bald spot or you’re losing a lot of hair 

This problem can be due to a couple of things, which can only be determined and examined by a dermatologist. They’ll be able to find out what’s going on with your body. After the assessment, they will let you know about the possible treatment options you need to get for your particular condition.  

Your body has rough scaly patches 

The main root of this skin issue is usually psoriasis, which is a result of an autoimmune disorder where the immune system transmits signals to skin cells to grow too rapidly. Because of that, they tend to pile up on the surface of the skin and creates thick, red scales. A trusted dermatologist will suggest particular treatments based on every person’s needs. 

You have irritated, itchy, and dry skin 

Most of the time, this skin problem could be eczema which’s beyond a seasonal side effect. Once you feel that something’s itchy for more than 7 days or so, it would be best to visit your dermatologist. They can help in giving effective recommendations to successfully relieve your discomfort and provide other options that can help determine your skin condition.  

Acne does not go away  

Though a lot of home remedies and over-the-counter treatments can be effective, there may be some times when they just don’t work. After all, skin types differ from one person to another. A dermatologist can provide you a more effective and more suitable treatment routine for you and your skin type. Moreover, particular skin conditions look like acne but are not really acne. Hence, chances are you’re incorrectly treating your skin problem. A dermatologist can help you deal with any stubborn and persistent acne and scarring from acne.  

You want a pimple to be removed fast 

This acne type is not just painful, but it’s also seemed to pop up during the worst time. Usually, pimples are due to hormonal imbalances, bacteria, or stress that’s difficult to regulate. Fortunately, you can help minimize inflammation and pain if you just consider visiting a reputable dermatologist near you. Seeking help from skin experts can help in speeding up your pimple’s healing process.  

Your skin is always flushed and red 

Most of the time, red spots that look like acne are due to rosacea. If you think you have this now, make sure to visit your dermatologist right away. They can suggest the ideal treatment for this particular issue. You may also contact them for your other skin concerns.